Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And Another Photo Thief

This one was reported to us with the note that "most of the wedding cakes in the gallery are not their creations"

I have confirmed several cakes myself... perhaps you guys can help identify others!  Take a look in a her wall photos  on Facebook.

She has cakes from Wendy Kromer (Martha Stewart Magazine), Ron-Ben Israel, Cake Lava, Rebecca Sutterby, Bride magazine, OSSAS competition pix, and many more I recognize from Flickr too!

Same routine...step ONE:

Take a look and see if you recognize anyone's work.

Let us know in the comments here and we will send them a note letting them know their work has been stolen (this way we don't all send the owners a million emails)

Step 2:

Use her contact page!  TELL her what you think of her thieving ways!  Specifically identify any cakes you recognize and tell her that the owners have been contacted.  If there are any of your photos, then advise her that you want them removed immediately or you will pursue further action.
Tell your friends and ask them to contact her as well.

Step 3:

We will give her one week to take them down; then we will proceed to contacting her host if necessary.

We will also keep her on the watch list, even if she does remove the offending photos... don't want any re-offenders!!


  1. I saw that green brush embroidery cake the other day on a web site called enchanted dream weddings and affairs. I think the person gave proper credit, so its a start to be able to notify the person it was stolen from.
    I admire what youre doing, I think its utterly disgusting when other people post pics of things they didnt create. Good luck to you and your noble cause.

  2. Bronze 56 under wedding cakes page 2 is from Planet Cake Australia. It is on page 8 of their book...

  3. Hi,

    An image of mine is being used on a UK web site ' Gifted Hearts Wedding and Celebration Cakes' under 'Birthdays' - called Dancing Fairy. It's an original design of mine created in March 2009. I've posted a message on their facebook page asking them to remove it. Your assistance would be appreciated!!
    Thanks so much..this is a great idea!

  4. gifted heart wedding and celebration cakes - I was alerted by a flickr member that she had my cakes on her website - I emailed her and she has removed them - also removed about 10 others which I can only suspect are not her work!

  5. I also find people posting photos of other peoples cakes on facebook sites, where they don't give credit to the person who made the cake, or announce that it is not their work. Not as bad as blatantly claiming someone esles work as your own, but still misleading


    This woman was exposed on Flickr. Claimed it was her web designer and accused everyone of ganging up on her. Yet her she is a few months later with work that isn't her on her website. Shameful!

  7. cindysconfections.comJanuary 6, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    Here is another one:

    She has used Edna's cakes, Bakerella's pix and a picture from Kat at There's a whole thread on Cake Central (in an uproar) about her.

  8. Not in relation to the above cake thief but There is a facebook page called Nillie's Cake's who has a picture of a cake topper which is not her own work!

    I've seen it on the web before but can't locate the exact site I found it on, someone else might know. It is the same pic not a replica!

  9. I, myself, saw 2 different blogs (1 from London, the other 1 in Spain) copied Maisie Fantaisie's cake pictures on their blogs.

    I did not warn the thefts BUT I contacted May the owner of Maisie Fantaisie via email. They took action against them. They have to know about it. I am glad I did it and will do it again for other cake decorators.